US astronauts repair ISS equipment during spacewalk

US astronauts repair ISS equipment during spacewalkUS astronauts repair ISS equipment during spacewalk

US astronauts repair ISS equipment during spacewalk

This is called a miraculous victory of mankind, astronauts could repair the equipment, which helps to supply the International Space Station. Astronaut Peggy Whitson, Jack Fischer, who is the flight engineer, accomplishes the feat of replacing the equipment that was broken last Saturday, prompting the ride that has been hailed by scientists as a “space contingency ride Critical “and is considered a” high priority “.

The device, called MDM or multiplexor-demultiplexer, is a computer relay box weight of about 50 pounds, when the surface of the Earth. The size of the appliance is like a microwave oven. Although the weight and size of the device may be scarce, the functions it performs are essential to the ISS, where it helps to use solar systems, robotic equipment and helps generate electricity. It also helps to balance and control the operation of heaters and cooling loops.
Although there are two MDMs present at the outpost in orbit, which means that failure of a person would not affect the life of the crew to the ISS or hamper the station’s operation, but the experts were concerned about failure and Waiting for a replacement as soon as possible, which was carried out on the record of 2 hours and 46 minutes space walk.

In spatial form to repair MDM failure Peggy Whitson Jack Fischer accomplishes the feat in less than 6.5 hours customary of a space walk, Whitson, where he took the initiative.

Peggy Whitson recently revised to be the first woman to spend 60 hours, 21 minutes on a space walk, she has achieved in the space of 10 steps she has given and is now in the third position among people who have spent most of the Time in space walks.

Peggy Whitson, this particular space channel, which was 201a with respect to repair and maintenance of the ISS, was removed first MDM decomposed and cleaned the area due to the presence of debris, then installed the new MDM. In the commentary of Rob Navias, he noted: “We now have two MDM healthy.”

There is no reason for MDM failure yet to be determined, which was installed not long ago in the month of March by Whitson and Shane Kimbrough.

Fischer, on the other hand, was in his second space track and achieves the feat facilitating wireless communication in the next meeting space with the installation of antennas in the module of the American laboratory Destiny.

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