Philippine quake damages power plant, causes landslides

Philippine quake damages power plant, causes landslidesPhilippine quake damages power plant, causes landslides

Philippine quake damages power plant, causes landslides

 TACLOBAN, Philippines – A strong earthquake damaged a power plant, caused landslides and cracked buildings and roads in central Philippines, injuring dozens of people and cutting villages in the vicinity.

An area of ​​the island’s central airport was without electricity on Friday and the army sent soldiers and engineers into villages where roads were impassable.

The 6.5 magnitude quake on Thursday afternoon focused on the Leyte province at a depth, which can often cause large damage to the surface.

The US Geological Survey measures depth at four miles, while Philippine seismologists said it was 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) deep and caused by the movement of the Philippine fault.

Two deaths were reported and four people were missing the maximum quake was felt in the town of Kananga Leyte.

A building with a grocery store and other businesses of the jolt collapsed, killing one person, wounding more than 20 people, and six people were rescued later, Kananga Mayor Rowena Codilla told The Associated Press by telephone .

“I can see that the child was pale and weak air, but others are fine,” Codilla said as he watched the doctors treat the victims. He said many people have managed to get ahead when the building began to sway, but those who were inside the rescue teams guided by the mobile phone to the place where they were trapped.

A large chunk of the eastern part of the central Philippines was without electricity because a geothermal power plant in the City of Jaro was damaged, said Romina Marasigan, spokeswoman for the National Council for Disaster Risk Reduction.

He said that some houses in mountain villages, mainly light materials were totally damaged.

More than 241 aftershocks were logged until Friday morning, Marasigan said, warning they could trigger landslides in mountain areas, especially in areas where it rained too much.

Mayor Richard Gomez Ormoc City, about 30 kilometers (17 miles) from Kananga, told DZMM radio that the landslide fell on a house and killed a young woman. Others more than 100 people were injured in the region, many of whom were “traumatized and hysterical,” he said.

General reference Raul Farnacio, an army commander in the area, said local authorities in the villages on the outskirts of Kananga and Ormoc reported on Friday at least four people missing in the landslides.

Soldiers and army engineers were sent to villages, where some roads would not be accessible to vehicles, he added.

Delia Vilbar, Treasurer Ormoc, said she attended a meeting on the second floor of the City Hall, when the earthquake struck.

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