Meet Overwatch’s Newest Anti-Hero: Doomfist

Meet Overwatch’s Newest Anti-Hero: DoomfistMeet Overwatch’s Newest Anti-Hero: Doomfist

Meet Overwatch’s Newest Anti-Hero: Doomfist

Overwatch has just become a totally new hero called Doomfist. This character was expected with great enthusiasm for the first time the original Overwatch trailer, debuted.

Now, PC gamers can head to the Public Proofing Realm (PTR) and give this awesome warrior.

Doomfist is a character made for players who favor a more aggressive, closer and personal style of fighting.

His range of motion includes a Rocket Punch, Rising Uppercut, Sismic Slam, and a shield called Best Defense.

It has a last-movement called Meteor Strike. This zone of attack effect is ideal for eliminating enemies who are approaching comfort.

Despite its large body, Doomfist is an extremely fast and agile character that encourages players to be constantly on the move.
As each highlighted character Doomfist has its own unique background. Doomfist, whose real name is Akande Ogundimu, was released from a Numbani prison by the evil Talon organization.

Akande is the third person to wield the Doomfist glove – a weapon that once housed in a display case on the Numbani map. Despite being a “hero”, Doomfist believes that humanity has a constant conflict and wants to impose its ideology on the world.

According to game director Jeff Kaplan, Doomfist is “very essential for Overwatch.” Watch the video for action and animation that accompanies Doomfist’s revelation.

As previously reported, PC gamers may have a crack to try Doomfist now. We do not know exactly when the character will be available to console the players, but it should not be too long from now on.

The character looks bad and should be fun for Overwatch fans to play.

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