Hundreds Protest in Hamburg as G-20 Begins

Hundreds Protest in Hamburg as G-20 BeginsHundreds Protest in Hamburg as G-20 Begins

Hundreds Protest in Hamburg as G-20 Begins

Hamburg woke up breathing choppers and sirens cry as police rushed to keep abreast of hundreds of demonstrators who gathered at the city’s main junctions on Friday morning to block the G-20’s roads from the convention center.

“We remind you that demonstrations will not be tolerated in transit corridors,” police said in a Twitter message. The Hamburg archive footage showed that authorities were using water cannons to keep protesters from moving forward.

Demonstrations on Thursday night proved to be violent when police moved to separate a group of balaclavas and masks – which German legislation prohibited during public events – in a section of the 12 000 people who filled the streets outside the security perimeter .

Police said they were hit with bottles and stones, and they responded with water cannons and pepper spray.

Demonstrators said they were caused by agents dressed in gear painkillers and armed with batons. Seventy-six officers were injured and five were hospitalized, including a helicopter pilot who was blinded by a laser.

Organizers of the event said that “many” participants were injured, but gave no details. – Melissa Eddy

M. Trump has sent a confused message to Russia in Warsaw, publishing his strongest criticism of Moscow since taking office.

Russia was asked to “end its destabilization activities in Ukraine”, denounced its support for “hostile regimes”, including Syria and Iran, and offered unreserved support for NATO’s collective defense principle (something that Had made during his first trip to Europe as president in May).

At the same time, he broke with the United States intelligence services, saying he was not entirely convinced that Russia is solely responsible for interference in the 2016 elections.

In Moscow, there is a sense that M. Poutine will be able to excel and get the American leader and get ahead. “It’s a win-win situation for Putin,” said Andrei V.

Kolesnikov, a political analyst at the Carnegie Center in Moscow, but it is unclear for navigation M. Poutine. In particular, it is not clear what it has to offer in return for US cooperation.

Trump, who is expected to face a series of tense meetings in Hamburg, seemed to have woken up Friday morning to a relatively peaceful visit to Warsaw, where an enthusiastic crowd of right-wing loyalist Polish applauded his speech.

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