Cassini – Huygens. There is No Turning Back

Cassini – Huygens. There is No Turning BackCassini – Huygens. There is No Turning Back

Cassini – Huygens. There is No Turning Back

When he was six, he designed a rough image of a man in space. When I say rude, I do not mean the little man did something rude, but the admission that I was not a child with a lot of artistic talent.

However, like most young children, I have enjoyed drawing. Like many children, I was fascinated to think that there may be in outer space. My mother was fascinated by my fascination. She did an art class using acid units for engraving on metal plates. My mother had artistic talent, but she chose my little man from space for his engraving.

Today I saw another drawing space. It was Google’s automation design research of the day. Represented the Cassini spacecraft to take an auto photo to commemorate the date in the story of that Cassini spacecraft began, submerged in the planet Saturn.

Cassini is moving with a lot of plutonium on board. I must have to because solar energy is a little thinner, far from the sun. Nothing to fear here. It’s a different kind of plutonium bombs. Plutonium is one of the most toxic substances known to man. There were no problems reported so far with Cassini since the containment system designed the super plutonium course of the spacecraft.

Yes, the super-safe containment system disintegrates with any plutonium before it can cause problems with Saturn due to the friction of falling into Saturn’s atmosphere or something like that. In short, we now know what can go wrong when nuclear radiation is out of control on Earth, we can safely say that Saturn is doing well when it encounters Cassini.

So much is known about Saturn and its moons that it is very unlikely anything could go wrong and with the Huygens part of this mission, it is possible that something good will happen right.

As you know, the part of this Huygens mission landed on a Saturn moon named Titan. Oh, you do not know? This happened in 2005, it is not so long. Unlike the supposed trip to the moon, where there was nothing to do, this was not the case with Titan. There have not been many reports on this, but if you are curious, you can always go to the Google box, which today presents a spaceship auto, to learn more. I know you’ve been busy trying to pick the college basketball winner from March Madness, trying to make a living, wondering if your health insurance will cover the strangest feeling investigation you had, what happened in New York and Washington, DC 09 / 11/2001 and try to determine if Planet X is real, but if you have a few minutes. . .

Now, what could happen is that the Cassini plutonium could trigger a chain reaction of explosions that could transform Saturn into a yellow sun. This could become Titan’s paradise for people. When the spiritual path to paradise can be quite dark for the technology of Titan in which you want to spend as much time as possible could be safer.

If this type of technology exists, do you think you should talk to? I do not think like that. What do I know? Nothing, that’s why I write like a satire. What I do know is that most of us have paid too much attention to the wrong things. It is obvious. There is nothing special in me in the saying.

One of my great disappointments since childhood, is that the best new spatial knowledge is very secret, with the great narrative of lying, which is part of the smoke screen. “Chem Trailing” aircraft present some obscure real, if you believe any of these Chem.

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